It’s Great to Have a Ping Pong Table at Office

When you look at the trendy companies such as Google or Facebook, you’ll love the work culture there. It makes the business unique because there’s a lot of competition there.

It seems that the office culture in the modern times is defined by the presence of ping pong tables, fridges full of beers, and office pets. There are a number of advantages of having a ping pong table in your workplaces. The top 5 reasons to have the ping pong table are as follows:

Your strategic thinking and skills gets sharpened
In the year 1990s, the facility of having table tennis in the offices came into a trend; It wasn’t a tactic for recruitment. It was actually a genuine need of having indoor games because it enhances your skills and sharpens the strategic thinking by taking small refreshing breaks.

According to ping pong experts, tennis is the sport or an activity that increases your power of alertness and concentration. It also stimulates the functioning of your brain and develops certain tactics of thinking.

Performing such timeout activities makes employees fresh when they feel tired and increases the productivity. Playing ping pong just for 10-15 minutes makes the employees return to work with sharper thinking and strategies.

Such distractions are good
Sitting at the same place, working for hours is killing the employees. No matter how fast one employee run, it becomes impossible for him to avoid the health issues taking place. Continuously staring at a laptop for around 8 hours causes a lot of health problems. If you want to save yourself from such problems, take frequent breaks and utilize some time chilling during your working hours.

There are a number of ways that you can opt out to use at your work. Instead of taking smoking breaks, it’s good to play games. Organize a quick match because it’ll work as a right kind of distraction.

Channelize your inner competitiveness
There are usually one or two types of competitive in the workplace that have the tendency to spoil the vibe by being over serious with completing the project.

You can channel their competitive spirit by challenging them on a ping pong table. The table that’s hard-wearing as compared to the average employee in your office is the best folding ping pong table.

Multi-use the spare square of your office space
There’s no one in the office that actually needs a meeting room to keep the ping pong table. You simply have to grab some chairs and a coffee for your team meeting. You can also have your lunch sitting around the square table. It’s a table that you can use for multiple purposes.

Finally, it helps to unite your team
Ping pong is one of the inclusive activities that can be played and enjoyed by most people. This game creates a sense of togetherness. Not only this, it also allows you to get familiar with the other side of your colleagues. It’s good to have the folding ping pong table in the office because it breaks all the social barriers between you and your co-workers and pull your complete team together.