What champions do with their medals after they’ve earned them?

Life of a sportsman is not easy but nor it is without happy moments and unforgettable memories. Each time we see a sports competition or any kind of competition and we see the champions getting medals at the end, it is pretty difficult to imagine how much work lies behind that achievement. Hundreds and thousands of hours of hard work and practice lie behind each medal and for the person earning the medal is a unique moment and feeling, that the hard work and time spent training instead of doing something else finally paid off.

The unique reward of receiving a medal for your skills and for the hard work invested for that medal should be a reminder each and every day that you have the blood of a champion running through your veins, but is it? How many medal winners hang up their medals somewhere they can see them every day? Quite a lot you would say, but how many of them throw away their medals in a dusty old drawer? Much more I would say. The case where medal winners just put their medals in a shoe box and throw it away for storage in an attic somewhere is very common unfortunately.

Each medal should be respected for what it is, and that is the recognition you got for your skills and hard work, however many people don’t see it that way. All medals should be hanged up somewhere up high so that you can see them each and every day.

There are many ways to store a medal in an honourable way, but probably the best way to store a precious medal is with a stainless steel medal hanger. Why stainless steel? Because with a stainless steel hanger your medal will be better put into value, simply put it will look better. There are many ways to get a stainless steel medal hanger and many models to choose from but few offer the build quality that the medals deserve and even fewer offer the possibility of building your own custom medal hanger. One of the few suppliers that can provide all of the above is VictoryHangers.com and I recommend visiting their website for high quality build custom made medal hangers.

No medal should be treated unfairly because if that happens then it means the person who earned that medal is treated unfairly. Achievements should not be taken lightly, they should be valued, respected and never be forgotten and a high class medal display will be able to do that for you, so you better start winning!