The Top 5Football Accumulator Wins

If you like a bet on football then you’ll probably know how to rack up an accumulator. What can be more fun, on a Saturday afternoon, than ticking off your list of winners and watching the potential returns pile up.

It’s approximated that somewhere in the region of two thirds of adults place a bet of some kind annually. Not all will be seasoned gamblers but a healthy number roll the dice or place an accumulator on a weekly basis, hoping their bets will come in. You can find a plethora of options online or on social media sites when looking for an accumulator tip. A reputable accumulator can be picked up from the FootyAccumulator guys who write about these on a daily basis.

Still not convinced about the potential an accumulator can bring in?

Well, check out these top winners, who may have once felt the same when it came to accumulator bets.

A £100 stake on 2000/1 odds netting £200,000. Not the greatest odds to place a £100 on, but when you consider the return it can quickly look favourable. This came on a wager on Leicester taking the 2015/16 season, if the bet had been placed 2 months earlier the lucky anonymous punter would’ve bagged half a million.

A £2.50 stake on a 108,800/1 wins £272,000. Back in 2011, Ladbrokes confirmed this to be their largest payout in history. It came on the back of a 9-selection accumulator, which mainly consisted of underdogs turning over the big boys, along with a Barcelona home draw. Who’d have bet on that?

A 30 pence stake on odds of 1,666,666/1 ensured one happy punter when he banked £500,000. This came on the back of an accumulator consisting of 15 selections; top 5 English league winners, the 3 Scottish divisions, Rugby Union champions and the County Championship winners, leaving only Bayern Munich to win the Champions League. What a happy day for an Englishman watching the German’s come in to win the final on penalties.

An 80p bet on odds of 683,738/1 bringing home £585,000. A long accumulator win, consisting of 19 selections. The final match that brought home the money was LFC V CFC in November 2011, needing a home win it wasn’t until the final minutes it landed. That result may have created another LFC fan.

A £100 stake on odds of 6542/1, winning one of the luckiest accumulator punters a cool £650,000. Not a normal accumulator, this lucky London based punter placed bets on teams who were already losing! There was 20 minutes left in each game, with the majority of his predictions already losing. It didn’t land until the 93rd minute! That could’ve been traffic if Fergie time was around for that game.