The History of Thoroughbred Racing in Australia

Australia has always been home to tons of different kinds of sports – from football to greyhound racing, to whatnot. The value of sports has always been exceptionally high in the country, as is the value of gambling on these sports – thoroughbred racing being one of the chief sports in this regard. Even in this day and age, a lot of people bet and watch horse races for the thrill of it!

How It All Began

As a matter of fact, thoroughbred horse racing is a cherished spectator sport in Australia and the history of this sport dates back to the 1788s. Although that was the year when horses actually arrived to the country, the sport event was conducted right after and took flight from then onwards. There are plenty of dates to be cherished and taken into account when discussing the history of horse racing.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the country broke the records with their love for horse racing, and sports betting on the matches as well. Just one look at Australia’s thoroughbred racecard is enough to tell you all that you need to know about the craze that the people have for the horse racing sport.

Regulatory Bodies

The Australian Racing Board is the principal agency when it comes to hosting horse races, and comprises of delegates of the Principal Racing Associations of the two major territories and six states. The board supervises approximately 400 race clubs in addition to 32,000 races each year. An estimate of 200,000 starters contends for the prize money which may even exceed $400 million.

Major Races

As aforementioned, the tradition of horse racing and gambling dates to a different century in Australia and there are a number of races that are held every year. Millions of people even come to Australia for the sake of watching and betting their money on these matches. The main races of them all are:

  • Melbourne Cup
  • Victoria Derby
  • VRC Oaks
  • Golden Slipper Stakes
  • Caulfield Cup
  • W S Cox Plate

Horse Racing In Australia Today

As mentioned previously, Australia has always shown keenness towards horse racing, sports betting and gambling. Despite the fact that in recent times, many states and countries have worked actively to ban these activities completely, Australia has always been the one country that knows what’s done for fun is fun. Even in today’s day and age, there are tons of horse races and matches that are undeniably ecstatic to watch and partake in.

Millions of people find that their love for betting on horse races, especially thoroughbred races, is certainly one that they cannot give up on. The races are intense and thrilling with the most gorgeous horses that you could imagine. The horses are not mistreated and before a horse is entered in the competition, it is made sure that they are in good health.