Get to the Sole of the Matter when Buying Athletic Shoes

Your feet deserve the best.  When you consider what is asked of them in a competitive situation like field sports, it only makes sense to give them the best care.  If you’re a hiker, runner, extreme sports enthusiast or novice marathon runner, Famous Footwear has the shoes you’ll need to perform at your best.  If you’re in the market for athletic shoes, they stock a wide selection.  And new to the line-up is the Under Armour sneaks you’ve been waiting for.   If you’ve got questions about training shoes, they’ve got the answer.  They carry top name brands like Nike, New Balance, Converse, Madden Girl, and many more.

Generally, athletic shoes fall into three general categories – general because there is always some exception, but most shoes are made for a sport that involves running, training or walking.  They should have a comfortable upper, provide good shock absorption, ample tread and a rocker sole that follows the natural roll of the foot during walking.  For court sports, you need shoes that can take heavy abuse, provide good side-to-side motion and move you backward and forward with ease. Field sports require shoes that have cleats, studs or spikes that in some cases can be affixed to nylon soles.  If you’re into track and field you’ll look for a more individual fit.  Athletic shoe companies allow for the various gait patterns, foot types and training requirements by producing a wide selection of shoes in this category.

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