Football coaches: key positions within a team

Whether working for a professional or amateur club, football coaches always have the same mission: to bring the players of a football team to their best level. Through their sense of tactics, they develop game strategies based on each opponent and the individual skills of the team.

Football coaches, football fans first and foremost

Real strategists, football coaches are primarily sports enthusiasts. So many have enjoyed a career as a high-level sportsman in their youth. They work in collaboration with many specialists such as physiotherapists, sports advisers or sports trainers. With the help of these specialists, football coaches develop individual football training exercises for each player according to their needs.

A position with great responsibilities

If they are adulated in case of victories, football coaches can quickly become scapegoats in the event of defeat, hence the need to have strength of character and a certain vision. They must know how to motivate their team in all situations to encourage players to train them properly.

Finally, kids football coaching is an exciting job that thrills millions of people around the world.

Secrets of a football coach’s success

The job of football coaching is an exciting job but difficult because of the obligation of result for the coach and his team. But if the success of a football team depends on the talent of the players, it also depends a lot on the collective work and the choices of the coach.

A good football coach keeps each player on the fingertips

Every football player has very different needs, both physically and mentally. A good coach must get to know each of his players personally in order to understand them, to identify their needs and to help them to give the best of themselves. Thus, the coach gives different exercises to each player and will adapt his way of coaching them to motivate them. Often, true friendships are born between coaches and their players.

Set long-term goals to maximize player motivation

One of the main tasks of the football coach is to motivate players on his team and weld them with common goals. Thus, it is very important to set specific goals for each season with all the players on his team, so as to involve them more and develop team spirit.

Finally, there are many ways to manage a football team and it’s up to the coach to find the best tactic for his team.

The best football coaches in history

At a time when the contracts of some players reach tens of millions of Euros, the big football clubs in Dubai are engaged in a fierce competition to attract the biggest headliners. But far from these extraordinary contracts, some coaches have written the most beautiful pages of football by adopting a revolutionary approach to football. Here is a selection of some of the greatest coaches in history.

Rinus Michels, the inventor of “total football”

After a career in Ajax, Rinus Michels becomes coach of the team which is then in delicate situation. Rinus then develops a new revolutionary approach with a very offensive football, which will lead Ajax to the top of European football at his departure. Today, he is still considered one of the best coaches of all time.

Alex Ferguson, a monumental career

The famous coach of Manchester United has a phenomenal career since he is simply the most successful coach in the history of the English championship. Appointed in 1986 in Manchester, he remained there until 2013.

Helenio Herrera, a true football legend

This Argentine naturalized French experienced his best period during his stay at Inter Milan with which he won two cups champions clubs, two intercontinental cups and three championships in just 8 seasons.