Follow the instructions and take your game of basketball to a new height

Couch tube brings to you some of the instructional videos which can help you in making your game even more better. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player you will see how following some of the basic instructions can help you in turning the game upside down and vice-versa for you. This videos can help the coaches as well to make their players aware of the game instructions. Understanding the instructions protects you from getting injured and play a safe game on the court. As per the new rules that are being declared by the National Basketball Association and Fédération Internationale de Basketball from time to time, the basketball instructional videos are regularly being updated over here to keep you up to date with new instructions related to the game.

These videos not only comprise of the instructions of the game but it also includes the instructions for coaches to deal with the new bees in the sport and letting their experienced players make better moves on the court. These basketball instructional videos include instructions related to some of the things related to scoring, dribbling, different type of fouls, new rules by the associations and awareness related to the sport and game.

Let us discuss some of the instructions here. Scoring is something which player should understand thoroughly because this knowledge will help you in making the proper game strategy. For the novice players, it is not possible to score 3-points but they should know that a free throw will get them a single point, a field goal will get them two points and shooting from outside the 3-pointer circle will get them three points. Dribbling is the main movement in basketball and one should know that the ways to dribble on the court. Fouls on the court are something one should avoid and they could be only avoided if he/she is aware of them. There are various types of fouls that are there such as personal foul, charging, blocking, violation of the foul shot, backcourt violation, ten-second violation, 3-second violation, 5-second violation etc. Defense plays one the very important roles in winning the game. There are various techniques that can be used to make up a proper defense against the opponent and videos with instructions related to defense are available to help the coaches and players improve their skill.

Staff photos by Tom Kelly IV
Penn Wood’s Dahyne Redd (1) grabs a loose ball in front of Academy Park’s Trea-Sure Ketter (23) and Shantalay Hightower (10) during the Penn Wood at Academy Park girls basketball game, Thursday night.

One should also understand that while playing the game on the court, the referee also passes on some instructions regarding the game that takes place between the two teams. It is very necessary for players to understand these instructions and follow them accordingly so that the game is played smoothly. All these instructions can help the coaches and players understand the depth of the game and show off their skills on the court to bring the favor on their side. Some videos are available for free while the rest are available at very economical prices. These videos comprise of some of the legendaries and reputed personalities of basketball from all over the world sharing their personal experience with you.