Can Dhoni Repeat World Cup History Against Sri Lanka?

MS Dhoni was Team India’s captain but now a senior player. He has become one famous cricketer and he remains the holder of the title “Best Finisher” in the world. Despite whatever pressure he or his team is in, he remains composed and focused to the game.

MS Dhoni has never failed to amaze his team’s opponents, the spectators and even his team, how he is able to make an astounding finish for the team. Like for example when the team won against Sri Lanka with which he was the finisher and the team still needs 4 runs to win the game. With all his might, Dhoni was able to make 6 runs! So, can Dhoni repeat such performance and win World Cup again against Sri Lanka?

India’s World Cup won against Sri Lanka was not a streak of luck despite some issues raised pertaining to the tossing of the coin that happened then. The team was fully prepared. They had constant and tremendous training. And individually, each member of the team has their own unique strengths that gives powerful support for the whole team.

MS Dhoni strengths lies on his physical prowess. For one, he always hits the ball so hard. There are many times that the cricket ball he just hit went beyond the boundaries of the field. Another factor why Dhoni is one great cricketer is because of his endurance and stamina. He can run fast in between wickets. One unforgettable moment in his success story was the 2012 game versus Pakistan. The weather then was so bad but he continued batting the entire winnings just to save the team. They might have lost that game against Pakistan but he was still the one who was awarded “Man of the Match” for his century.

MS Dhoni has been showing deep maturity. It has been a decade since he entered to the world of cricket. And during these times, it is very visible in Dhoni’s attitude how the used to be fondness for cricket has grown and develop in to a long and unparalleled commitment. From one mere follower, Dhoni has slowly yet effectively transformed himself as one good leader.

So, there really is a big chance that MS Dhoni will repeat the World Cup history and win again over Sri Lanka. He had the making of a real great team captain, can be great help for current Team captain ViratKohli for better guidance. He has and is continuously setting a good example for his team and because of that winning and beating Sri Lanka again for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is not impossible.