How to Find the Best Horse for Sale

Buying a horse is a costly investment and a long-term commitment, so it is important to take the time to find the best horse possible. Buying a horse often feels overwhelming when you see all the options out there, especially for first-time buyers.

Furthermore, not all horses are a great fit for everyone, so you want to think about a few things before you buy to ensure you get a good match. Check the tips below for how to find the best horse for sale:


Horses for sale come with varying levels of experience, which refers to how experienced the horse is. For example, a horse for sale that is ‘green’ has no experience being handled, so will require a more experienced owner to saddle, ride, etc.

These types of horses are never recommended for beginners, as they require a fair amount of experience to care for and handle. Similarly, young horses aren’t the best for beginners, so look for a horse with an appropriate amount of experience for your level – older horses are great for this.


There is no standard for what the best breed of horse is – it depends entirely on the needs and experience of the owner.

For instance, finer breeds are unquestionably some of the best, but they require a lot care and experience, especially when keeping outdoors throughout the year – some might need a stable.

Hardier breeds are a cheaper alternative and one worth considering for first-time owners. They require less hands-on care and tend to do well throughout the entire year.

Also, the breed impacts the overall height, ability, and skill of a horse, so be mindful of this when looking to buy.


A common misconception about buying a horse is that bigger is better. While many prefer larger breeds, it’s worth remembering that smaller size horses do many of the same things as their larger counterparts.

For example, a pony is still suitable to use on a Newcomers tracker, and their smaller size doesn’t always detract from their skills and abilities. Think about what you want to do with the horse and what size you are comfortable riding to ensure you find something suitable.


A horse’s temperament is a big selling point, so look out for a positive character that will make for a great companion. This is best determined by viewing the horse up close and personal, allowing you to gauge the overall temperament and whether you and the horse are good fit.

Friendly and affectionate horses are easy to come by, and they are a much more desirable companion than a horse that bites or difficult to catch. Look to spend some time with any horse you are thinking of buying to get a better idea of their temperament.