Top Five Brands of Hockey Equipment of 2017

There are a number of stand-out hockey brands this year which offer excellent products and great value for money. Some of the best brands for hockey players in 2017 are Grays, STX, Dita, Adidas, TK, Reece and many more. These brands all offer a great range of hockey sticks, accessories and other products that can make a huge difference to your game and playing style.

When taking part in hockey training, it is important to use high quality equipment as this helps you get used to playing with top products. This means that when you play in a match you can slip straight into the game without having to get used to your equipment first.

In 2017, we have seen lots of exciting equipment arrive on the shelves in the hockey world. It is not only hockey sticks that are important for players in their training and development, other items of hockey equipment can also make a huge difference to how you play. These products include clothing, protection equipment and shoes.

Grays and Adidas

For example, Grays hockey shoes offer superb protection and cushioning, along with waterproof properties and strong grips. Also impressing hockey fans this year are the brand’s clothing options, which include t-shirts, jackets and sweaters, in wearable fabrics and with plenty of flexibility for training, along with waterproof jackets and a range of high quality shorts, tracksuit bottoms and skirts.

Adidas is another top brand for hockey this year. Hockey bags offer excellent protection for your best sticks, along with useful pockets and padded shoulder straps for carrying. Shinguards are always a vital part of your kit and Adidas are offering the Lux Hockey Shinguard this year, with detachable padding and a comfy flex zone around the ankle.

Dita, Reece and TK

Dita hockey sticks are impressing this year, with the Carbo tech, Compo tech and Fibre tech range all offering superb grip and control. Whether you need the stick for accurate flicks and aerials, dribbling, soft touches, deceptive sweeps or hard shots, there is an ideal hockey stick in the Dita range for you.

Reece skill and hyper hockey sticks are made from hyper carbon for a lightweight feel and a long grip. Some of the sticks in these ranges also offer a delayed bend at the bottom of the stick, which makes it easier to push. This means you will find your game speed is faster and smoother, with less effort needed to move the stick.

For those playing indoors, Reece also offers some excellent indoor hockey stick options, which have anti-vibration end caps in order to reduce the likelihood of arm injuries. You can also find sticks with added cork for superior cushioning for a more comfortable game.

TK also offers a superb range of items this year, whether you are looking for sticks, accessories or clothing. The firm’s quality moisture management clothing ensures comfort and freshness throughout your game with lightweight, quick-drying fabric.