The Art of Bodybuilding

British Bodybuilding are of the opinion that bodybuilding done taking into consideration the concepts such as aesthetics, definition, strength, size and proportion of muscles.

To be a Bodybuilder you need to have a lot of willpower, dedication to the extreme and basically follow three essential pillars, feeding, training and rest.

Bodybuilding has gained repercussions like never before in the world, bodybuilding has always suffered a lot from the bad fame they have installed in the sport, where it was felt that bodybuilders were just “drug users”, and today this has been changing, after all if only drugs would leave people with sculptural bodies, there would not have to be gyms or food, because they would do everything on their own, and if that were the case, the vast majority of the population would be Bodybuilding.

Let’s not be hypocritical in saying that there is no use of drugs in bodybuilding, but performance enhancers are not limited to bodybuilding, they also exist in all sports, but the drug does not represent anything in what it is to be a Bodybuilding, sometimes in a small part of the athlete’s preparation. Many want to get where Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived, but if it were easy, he would not be legend, he would just be another “iron pull”.

Bodybuilding vs. Fitness

There are two terms used in the world of bodybuilding, one is Bodybuilding and the other is the term Fitness. But basically, fitness is the physical and mental well-being, speaking in the most clearly the term fitness is used for people who seek an aesthetic standard with a lot of definition and not so great volume, since Bodybuilding is a concept that takes the athlete to large volume and also definition; but at the present time what has come to stand out is the great muscular volume that the bodybuilders have been reaching, often giving even the impression of potbellied, due to abdominal dilation.

Bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle

Bodybuilding inspires more and more people to seek the perfect body and a healthy lifestyle. This was the case with many famous bodybuilders.

To be a champion it takes a lot of training, a lot of dedication and discipline. The routine is intense, but also pleasurable. Pulling iron generates a lot of fluid loss and even muscle pain, but the sensation of pleasure is enormous.

In addition, it takes a lot of discipline over food, especially in the weeks leading up to a competition. No carbohydrates or sweets. The diet requires protein, such as fish, chicken and egg, vegetables and lots of water.

Anyway, be a Bodybuilding in life, fight, have faith, run after, do not give up, persist, no matter what your dream, think like this: I want, I can, if I have faith, I can. Requirement is power, power is with you, now decide whether you want to use it or if you just keep dreaming; it’s your choice.