Introduction to NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has captured the imagination of almost all the gamers all over the world.  It is one game which kind of typifies the makers of this game that is the Visual Concepts Studio also known as VCS. Like its predecessors, this game too is produced by the 2k sports. It is a perfect successor to the earlier editions of the hugely popular NBA games. However, there are some changes which have been made in this version when compared to the previous ones. One of the first changes that you notice here is that it has been launched in two editions as opposed to one in the earlier versions.  The first edition is the regular edition of the NBA 2K17 whereas the other version is called the Legend edition.  In NBA 2k17 locker codes are timed. It is another change from the previous versions of the game.

Difference between Regular Edition & Legends Edition

There is a host of differences between the legends edition of this game and the regular version of it. Firstly, the legend edition has the legend himself- Kobe Bryant on the cover whereas in the regular version the cover sports the image of Paul George. Secondly, the pricing of the legends edition and the regular edition is different too. The Legends edition is comparatively more expensive than the regular version of the game.  However, the additional price is well worth it as it has more physical bonuses when compared to the regular versions.

Difference in Locker Codes

As mentioned earlier this version of the game has a locker code which is very different to its predecessors.  NBA 2K17 locker codes are nothing but a set of codes which are released by the producers of the game. It can be seen as a virtual currency in the entire series of the NBA games; The currency is usually bought by the players with their real money. However, some amount of it is given at free of cost as a thank you note from the makers of the games to the players. These virtual currencies can be used by the players for many purposes like enhancing the capabilities of the players and teams etc. It is possible for players to collect as much locker codes as possible from the website.

Career Mode

Like its predecessor NBA2K16, NBA 2K17 too has the very popular ‘My Career’ mode in it. It has been liked by all the gamers all over the world because of the exciting offers and cool features that it has. In this game, it is possible to upgrade player capabilities and other attributes by either buying virtual currencies from their website or by earning them. Players can also make a significant amount of virtual currencies by crossing different levels. After passing every level, some amount of virtual currencies is awarded to the player so that they too can upgrade their players and their attributes. Although the virtual currencies provided are not too much, but it is a good way to get accustomed to what these virtual currencies can do for you.