Bohnanza Greeting card Game Evaluation

Game Summary

Bohnanza isn’t a brand new game. It has been originally released in 1997 and through the years numerous expansions happen to be keeping in the interest inside it. I just recently had the opportunity to play this so here’s my evaluation:

Bohnanza was created by Uwe Rosenberg, well-known for a lot of other prosperous games, for example Agricola, Le Havre and also the more current Ora et Labora. It really is the online game with that he grew to become famous within the board video gaming world. The title “Bohnanza” is really a pun about the words “bonanza” as well as “Bohne” (German born for “bean”). It’s essentially the card online game, its just components becoming cards depicting coffee beans. Players consider the part of bean maqui berry farmers, their single purpose becoming to effectively plant, crop and market beans. Each player starts with two bean fields by which they may grow any number of bean, using the restriction they may grow beans of 1 variety within each area. The much more the players await the beans to develop, that may be the more beans from the same range they grow in every field the greater coins they are able to get with regard to harvesting as well as selling all of them. But sometimes they might be forced to stop a particular crop associated with beans prior to even having the opportunity to sell all of them for revenue.

Each participant starts along with 5 bean cards within their hand and all of those other cards gets the pull deck. And this is actually the most essential and distinctive rule from the game which might seem a little awkward in the beginning: You will never be allowed to alter the order from the cards inside your hand! This can be a pretty uncommon rule as well as difficult to follow along with at first as with most games that you can do whatever you would like with your own cards (and several times will discover yourself virtually playing nervously using the cards inside your hand altering their purchase continuously). Before long though you’re going to get accustomed for this rule, which plays an excellent role within the game since you must grow beans within the order a person received all of them. Whenever a person draw brand new cards you have to draw them individually and location them behind the final card inside your hand. On your own turn you have to do the subsequent actions:

Grow beans. You have to plant the very first bean inside your hand in a single of your own fields. If you would like, you may plant the 2nd as nicely.

Draw, industry and contribute cards. You draw the two topmost cards in the draw outdoor patio and place them encounter up up for grabs. You might keep these cards, setting all of them aside to become planted within the next step, and trade others along along with any cards out of your hand. Other gamers may offer a variety of cards within their hands to be able to buy a particular card in the active participant. They will also need to plant instantly the cards they’ll gain through trading. If nobody is thinking about buying a person offer, you might donate these phones any additional player. You might like to do which because you will possibly not have a clear field in order to plant them and you will be forced to market some grown beans with regard to less revenue than you need or perhaps for none whatsoever. You may still trade/donate cards out of your hand following the 2 faceup cards happen to be set apart, traded/donated. The ball player who may be the recipient of the donation isn’t obliged to simply accept it. In this occasion you’ll be forced in order to plant the actual cards no one else desires.

Plant exchanged / donated coffee beans. During this task all cards put aside, traded or even donated should be planted. Players might (and should) crop and market beans from the bean field to be able to plant the brand new beans.

Pull new bean credit cards. You pull 3 cards in the draw outdoor patio, one at any given time and place them at the rear of your hands.

When the actual draw outdoor patio is worn out, the thrown away cards tend to be shuffled as well as placed up for grabs, becoming the brand new draw outdoor patio. The online game ends once the draw outdoor patio is exhausted for that third period. Players after that harvest as well as sell beans within their bean areas. The player most abundant in gold cash wins the overall game.

The newest edition from the game through Rio Grande includes the very first edition from the first German born expansion in addition to rules for approximately seven players but additionally two participant rules. Both player online game, described because “bean duel” offers some substantial modifications which change the sensation of the overall game drastically. That may really be anticipated though because there can not be any buying and selling with just two players within the game. The most crucial changes with this version tend to be:

A participant can just sell beans by themselves turn

The online game ends once the draw outdoor patio is worn out for the very first time

During step one of every turn a person must grow or dispose of cards donated in order to him final turn.

The participant draws 3 (rather than two) cards in the draw outdoor patio and places them encounter up up for grabs. If the actual topmost card about the discard heap matches the actual cards revealed by doing this, the participant adds it for them and continues to do this until the actual topmost card from the discard heap don’t match the cards attracted. Then he/she will keep these cards as well as donate the remainder to his/her challenger.


After i was proposed to test this online game, I should admit We was a little reluctant about this cause We thought that it might be a fairly silly game(I suppose that the actual title did not help a great deal towards which). Taking a look at the bean credit cards was a pleasing surprise, as We saw coffee beans depicted in ways I would not expect in order to. And exactly what strange beans which were! Stink coffee beans (yuck! )#) as well as beans along with blackened eyes from the box battle and polish beans polishing the ground. Hey, this really is fun! I admit I’d a little bit of trouble in the beginning having to consider not to wreck havoc on my cards’ purchase probably simply because I play lots of Magic the actual Gathering, hehe! Throughout the game I discovered myself trying to consider the best technique to gain much more coins as well as make lucrative trades and there have been lots of laughs as well as player interaction never to get me personally bored. The finish of the very first game discovered me fairly excited and wanting to start a brand new game (and also to get my personal sweet vengeance). Since after that I’ve played lots of games associated with Bohnanza, therefore, let’s get right down to our small analysis from the core facets of the online game:


Components from the game are basically cards however with much focus on detail. Cards are constructed with hard, high quality card share, glossy and incredibly resistant in order to wear. I’ve rarely observed a greeting card game along with cards associated with such high quality. 9/10

Game play:

Bohnanza is really a game which i think I’ll never end up being bored in order to play. Turns tend to be fast as well as interesting for those players. The buying and selling mechanic may be the key factor for your. Many might say this game is virtually straight ahead with very little strategy included but I believe that there’s much meals for believed here. Players have to make lucrative trades attempting to enjoy the trade a lot more than they can help their opponents and possess to choose when is the greatest time in order to harvest their own crops. Many essential questions will need wise choices. Should We harvest right now and sell for under maximum profit to become able in order to plant a brand new crop or must i wait just a little longer to achieve maximum revenue? Should I purchase a 3rd bean area? A really positive facet of the online game is it’s flexibility to the amount of players. Talking about the most recent edition through Rio Grande, you will find modified guidelines adjusted in order to 6-7, 4-5, 3 as well as two gamers. These guidelines guarantee how the game will stay playable as well as fun sufficient regardless the amount of players which something which in common isn’t provided attention and should be praised. General, simplicity within the mechanics as well as enough intrigue may be the key associated with success within Bohnanza! 8/10

Understanding Curve:

Rules from the game tend to be pretty easy. During the very first few games you might find yourself a little forgetful and screw up with the actual order associated with cards inside your hand. The easiest method to deal with this is in no way remove the card out of your hand till a industry or donation may be accepted through the other participant. Other compared to that it’s not necessary to remember any kind of complicated guidelines. The value of every bean harvest is depicted about the cards, on the actual “beanometer” in addition to it’s rarity which means you basically just remember the actual sequence associated with actions on your turn. 8/10


The game’s style is fairly simple. You’re a bean player!! You tend to be constantly reminded of this cause whatever you see up for grabs is bean credit cards and in your fields the thing is beans from the same type planted one underneath the other that is close exactly how your actual farm will be. All beans do not have the exact same rarity and do not have exactly the same market worth, meaning which some tend to be rarer compared to others, like cacao beans that may be found just 4 times within the deck and so are very useful (promoting only 4 of these yields four coins). That also connect with real marketplace conditions. What might spoil a little the immersion within the theme may be the strangeness from the beans a person plant! Some are actually ridiculous however that’s the main fun, therefore definitely absolutely no complaints right here. 7/10


When i said prior to Bohnanza is really a game I’ll never end up being bored in order to play. It’s easy and quick and every game can’t ever be exactly the same with every other. You may wish to play several games to be able to polish your own strategy as well as test your opinions but everything really boils down to 1 factor: it is fun, I wish to play once again! 9/10


Player conversation usually may be the key for any game to become interesting which game isn’t any exception. Attempting to make the very best trading offer and giving cards can make you as well as your friends chuckle and tease one another and that is what We call enjoyable. Moreover designs from the beans tend to be pretty amusing. Many times I discovered myself just looking at the credit cards and grinning…… Yeah, It is definitely enjoyable! 9/10


Player conversation

Each game differs

Carefully created cards as well as of top quality material

Could be played along with 2 — 7 players with no fun element being reduced

Fast perform


Some could find it as well simple

I can not find more items to complain regarding (I suppose that’s a professional!! )#)