Mountain bikes for women

Thinking about the elements that distinguish men and women who practice the sport of mountain biking, for some years and until now, the most important mountain bike manufacturers on the market have implemented new designs specially dedicated to meet the needs of The women. So if you’re a girl, do not fear! Begin, it will be much easier than you think. Because there are also mountain bikes for women. And you won’t believe that you will get one for yourself from our Best mountain bike under $500 list.

If you have doubts about the characteristics that differ from men’s mountain bikes, the first thing we’ll tell you is that it all starts with the seat. So is! Because the proportions in the hip bones are different, specifically wider, the seat should match, so that they are wider at the back and narrower at what is known as the “tip.” The goal, for both mountain bikes and mountain bikes for women, is to achieve a proper distribution of body weight over the pelvis and not over the genitals. It is in this way that cyclists will enjoy more comfort during their journey.

More differences between one and another

By nature, the texture of men are usually larger compared to women, so the mountain bike chassis for women will always be smaller for girls.

Shoulder size is another important variant and, thanks to it, the handlebar is adapted to achieve a comfortable reach for women. Even the brake levers are modified according to the size of the hands, which tend to be smaller.

The upper extremities (torso and arms) have a smaller reach than those of men. Consequently, the upper frame of the chassis, including the handlebar and the upper tube, are shorter.

Discover the models of mountain bikes for women!

Scott Contessa Scale 710

It is no secret that this is an excellent manufacturer and one of the best prices on the market in several models of mountain bikes for women. And, if that were not enough, his designs are extraordinary, as well as ample! This particular design has a triple-plate transmission system and brakes of a wonderful quality. It should be noted that the chassis is perfect for those girls who are looking for more competition than recreation.

Specialized Jett Expert

Specialized is one of the leading and most important manufacturers in the world and has an extensive catalog of variety in feminine and masculine designs alike. This model has a transmission (Sram X5) double-deck and will have no problem finding it since the brand is extremely popular.

Conor WRC Pro Deore Mixed

If you want another reference of an excellent brand, Conor should be the first one, as it offers great prices for models that are simply great. This design, for example, has hydraulic brakes, which is considered very good if we consider the cost. Also, the strength of the chassis is another plus point and has four sizes.